Mayim - Mayim
(Water - Water)



DANCE TYPE:  CIRCLE - HH (the dance is also nice danced holding hands or handkerchief scarves throughout)

DANCE STEPS USED:     Fast mayim, running, balance, hopping kicks/swings.

CHOREOGRAPHY:  Traditional, Else Dublon (source


This is a fast happy dance, danced in a circle usually holding hands. The dance was choreographed by Elsie Dublon and Yehuda Shareit in Israel pre 1937 (then still called by the Roman name of Palestine).  It is based on Isaiah 12:3, "Therefore with joy shall ye draw water out of the wells of salvation ..."


1.  Mayim x 2 (8 counts) clockwise (ie left) - pace: running but resembling flowing water

2.  Facing the centre of the circle jump and kick backwards, bending down as travelling into the centre resembling a wave rolling and breaking

3.  In the centre standing tall hands raise and clap - backwards out of the circle

4.  In position on the outside of the circle balance R/L/R/L - fast, hopping motion - elbows bent arms out

5.  Hopping on L foot while R toe touches the ground to the R side then swings to front of L and returns to R side (8 counts)

6. Change and repeat hopping on R foot while left toe touches the ground to the L side and then swings to front ofR.

7. At the same time as 5. and 6. clap hands.

8. Tight clockwise step by step full turn.



9.  We sometimes like to finish this dance with our hands clasped over our heads as we do a full step by step turn.

​​For this dance we use Uvshavtem Mayim on Barry and Battya Segal's CD 'Sh'ma' (CCLI  261355)

We have only included a few choreographed worship dances on this website but will gradually add dances. If you'd like a particular worship  dance please send an email to with the song name and version. If we are familiar with it, or if we can access the beat, we will be happy to send you a possible choreography which you can adapt to your own worship.