Shabbat Medley


DANCE TYPE:   Circle and line

DANCE STEPS:  Mayim,  hopping mayim, hopping box, run, tcherkessia, yemenite, four point, three point  & two point turns.

CHOREOGRAPHY:  Dance for Joy


This delightful cheerful medley by Jonathan Settel is very popular. It is quite difficult to dance as the medley includes a variety of songs, beats and paces. We have tried several different types of dance and have settled on the following:




Medley 1 - Shabbat Shalom

Facing Centre - RF hopping box, RF Tcherkessia, LF Tcherkessia

R hopping two point turn - feet together - repeat L

RF hopping box, RF Tcherkessia, LF Tcherkessia


Medley 2 - Am Yisrael

Facing CCW Run x 4 followed by Davids x 2 (arms moving in and out, clapping as they meet, with Davids)


Medley 3 - Od Avinu Chai

Hands on Hips - CCW Fast 3pt turn - hop on Chai repeat CW

Fast hops into the centre x 4 / hop out of the centre x 4


Medley 4 - Heveinu Shalom Aleichem

Mayim - one member to lead break out into a line dance - finishing with mayim in a circle or

Can stay in the circle with different mayims, hops, claps etc.


Medley 5 - Shalu Shalom Yerushalayim (Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem)

Tcherkessia x 3 (to the L,F,L) 4pt turn R


CCW hopping mayim x 1 R, hopping 2pt turn R, yemenite hop

Repeat CW


Jonothan Settel's version finishes with two brackets of Medley 1



There are several versions of this song. We typically use the one on CD Kol Ba'Midbar (CCLI 261355)



We have only included a few choreographed worship dances on this website but will gradually add dances. If you'd like a particular worship  dance please send an email to with the song name and version. If we are familiar with it, or if we can access the beat, we will be happy to send you a possible choreography which you can adapt to your own worship.