One New Man


DANCE TYPE:   Circle

​​DANCE STEPS USED​​​:   Walk (we call Ezeziel's wheel), Davids, BalanceTcherkessia, Coupe

​​​CHOREOGRAPHY: ​​​ , Dance for Joy


The message behind Kathy Susnjar's song, 'One New Man' can be found in Ephesians 2:15, Galatians 3:28, Romans 10:12 and Colossians 3:11 - Jew and Gentile one in Messiah. It is a slow, worshipful dance, the main step being a walking step we call Ezekiel's wheel.  This dance is nice using chiffon handkerchief scarves.  The song ending is extended and we invariably chose different endings - sometimes free dance, sometimes alternating Davids CW/CCW.

​​​​​​​​​​​For the lyrics and song 'One New Man' please cut and paste the following link into your address bar.



Part 1 - Chorus

1.   Facing into circle slow Davids CCW (R steps L, L crosses in front of R, R steps to side - repeat) at the same time (AST) bow - head down. Count of 8. Finish feet together.

2.   At the start of this step, arms outstretched almost finger-tip-to-finger-tip, AST as L foot crosses R, arms cross at wrist - open arms AST as R steps to side.

Part 2  (Ezekiel's Wheel) Part 2 is done  x 4 on first verse and  x 2  thereafter.

3.   Pivot to face CW. 7 walks (bridal walk - step tap step). AST R arm into circle palm up - if possible finger tips touching.

4.   On 8th count turn following outside shoulder to face CCW. Repeat.

Part 3 (Worship and submission)

5. 4 x small steps into the centre, bending low and finishing tall in the centre. AST arms low and finishing high above heads in the centre. 4 x small steps to the outside of the circle.

6. Coupe L. Standing straight both arms high. Coupe R.

7. Arms held out straight, balance/sway R, L, R, L.  AST head lowers to follow arms R, L, R, L. 4 count.

​8. Finish 7. with arms out straight in position for the first David of the chorus.





​We use Kathy Susnjar's  One New Man  on her One New Man CD. Used with permission.

We have only included a few choreographed worship dances on this website but will gradually add dances. If you'd like a particular worship  dance please send an email to with the song and CD. If we are familiar with it, or if we can access the beat, we will be happy to send you a possible choreography which you can adapt to your own worship.