Dance Type:   Circle

Dance Steps Used:      Davids, walking hops, mayim, stomp, step/heel

Dance Choreography:   Traditional Yiddish


The Klezmer is a dance that was historically popular amongst Yiddish speaking Jewish communities in Europe. It has experienced a revival recently and is popular around the world. It is a fast enjoyable Jewish dance.


Part 1

4 x fast Davids CCW - arms out when stepping out; arms crossed at waist when feet crossed.


Part 2

4 x fast walks into the centre of the circle hop on 4th step and clap/repeat out of circle hop and clap

2 x mayims CW. Finish with L foot in place R step in front of and returns to position (llike a yemenite)

repeat with R foot in place L step in front, stomp, stomp.


Part 3

Pivot to face CCW walk forward x 4 - heel and arms up/toe down (same foot 4xcount)

1xMayim out of the circle finish facing the circle heel and arms up/toe pointing hp (same foot 4-count)

Repeat into the circle facing outside the circle, heel and arms up


Repeat all.



We have only included a few choreographed worship dances on this website but will gradually add dances. If you'd like a particular worship  dance please send an email to danceforjoy@live.com.au with the song name and version. If we are familiar with it, or if we can access the beat, we will be happy to send you a possible choreography which you can adapt to your own worship.