Celebate our Lord



DANCE STEPS USED:   Yemenite, coupe, chasse, step together step full turn, 3pt turn, mayim.




This dance goes well with many medium paced songs. Depending on the music worshippers can start with any part and/or omit parts that do not blend well - the parts are numbered for convenience only. Our favourite parts which we rarely omit are parts 2 and 4.



Part 1

Facing CCW - Lean R clap / Lean L clap


Part 2

R Yemenite hop clap / L Yemenite hop clap

Balance R/L arms up in worship

R 3 pt turn clap / repeat L


Part 3

Mayim x 4 L/repeat R


Part 4

Slowish step together step full-turn - when turning R - R arm held high L arm on hip and ditto reverse

Chasse R - both hands raised high in worship

Chasse L - both hands raised high in worship


Repeat all




We have only included a few choreographed worship dances on this website but will gradually add dances. If you'd like a particular worship  dance please send an email to danceforjoy@live.com.au with the song name and version. If we are familiar with it, or if we can access the beat, we will be happy to send you a possible choreography which you can adapt to your own worship.